Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm alive!

I have come to a very important conclusion. Time with my sweet babies is more important than blogging. Yep. That's right- there are more important things than sitting in front of a computer screen- though I know everyone who reads this is just enthralled with my life. I will give you a short update to appease myself and my avid readers... Then I'll just go from where we are! No more stressing over playing catch-up. No more sitting down to blog, feeling overwhelmed and shutting the computer because I can't possibly catch up with a newborn and a very active toddler. So here goes- May through mid-June. May started out with a VERY big event in the Alt household: Bailey's first pigtails!! Photobucket We continued working on getting her to sleep in her new big girl bed. Some days were easy, some days naptime went more like this: Photobucket We spent lots of time playing outside with Daddy in the evenings. Photobucket And lots of snuggle time with Mommy and Baby Girl :) Photobucket We attempted a beach trip with some friends! It was pretty windy and a bit chilly... but it was still the beach! Photobucket Bailey HATED the sand and didn't want anything to do with it. She got so mad when her feet touched the icky stuff! Can't say I blame her. Photobucket Little Miss Grouch was NOT a happy camper. Photobucket Eventually I got her out of her chair and having a little fun. Photobucket Picture with Mommy! Photobucket Although it doesn't look like it, Bailey likes the pool MUCH better! Photobucket 35 weeks and ready to SWIM!!! Gotta cool off somehow :) Photobucket Memorial Day and 36 Week shot with my favorite girlie :) Photobucket On June 3rd Bailey went to Nursery for the first time! She loved it and went in without a single peep! About 20 minutes in, her teacher came to me and I was worried she wasn't doing well. In reality- she handed me her binky and said "She didn't want it and I didn't want to lose it. She's doing GREAT!" So proud of my princess! I wanted to get a photo of her on her big day- but she was too tuckered out. She was asleep walking out of the church in Daddy's arms! Photobucket Right before Daphne was born, Bailey got Hand, Foot & Mouth! It was an awful virus that had to run it's course. It came with an icky fever, lots of crankiness, and some horrible sores/blisters all over the back of her throat. Amazingly- her hands and feet were fine! Not even a rash. She was so miserable and wouldn't eat, so she got her first Popsicle and LOVED it! Photobucket Father's Day 2012 was our last day as a family of three! We stayed home since I'd been in the hospital in "early labor" for 8 hours the day before and had lots of Daddy time! He got a little present from us since he'd just gotten a brand new set of golf clubs. Photobucket Stay tuned for maternity photos and Daphne's birth story!
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