Monday, December 6, 2010

The Arrival of Miss Bailey

I don't know if there really is any way to put into words the birth of your child. It was an absolutely amazing experience. (One that I don't plan to repeat for at least a few years.)

I don't want to skip any details, as this is pretty much my journal also- so for those with queasy tummies, or anyone who doesn't want to hear about needles, blood, or the word cervix... move to the cute pictures at the bottom!

I suppose I'll start at the beginning. I decided to go in and see a different doctor. She is one that I had seen in the process of being in the hospital the week before, and she's also my good friend's doctor. I totally credit Jenny for Miss Bailey getting here when she did. It was her idea to get the second opinion with Dr. G! THANKS! So at the opinion I gave her the run down of all of my concerns, appointments, etc. They took my blood pressure twice, she met with the maternal fetal medicine doctor to see what he thought about how Miss Bailey would do outside my oven... 10 minutes later I was on my way to labor and delivery!!

I got there around 3:30 on Tuesday afternoon. Matt had to head home and get the bags, then by 5pm I was hooked up to the monitors and the doctor came in and inserted the cervadil. (A medicine that softens the cervix.) I got my last meal for the next 36 hours or so, and we were on our way. We 'slept' all night, basically tried to rest since we knew we were in for the long haul.

They woke me up bright and early (5am!) so I could take a shower before we got the show on the road. At 7am they started the pitocin to make me contract. BRING IT ON!

The contractions started off nice and easy and then got increasingly more and more intense. At 8:30am the doctor came in to break my water and check my progress. I was only a fingertip dialated (yay cervadil for doing nothing! haha) and about 50% effaced. She was basically only able to sweep my membranes as I wasn't dialated much and she had to actually use an instrument to break the amniotic sac. (Ow!) She said it would probably slowly trickle with each contraction. That's exactly what happened, at first... for three contractions I felt the water trickling out. I called the nurse and let her know I may need another "puppy pad" as I liked to call them... a BIG contraction started as soon as she walked in and GUUUSH! My water completely broke! I had no idea there was that much water in there! They had to completely change the bed- AND clean some of it up off of the floor! Whoops... lol.

Breaking my water got things going. The contractions picked up and started coming closer together. They weren't super uncomfortable at this point and I could breathe through them. We just hung out, watched some TV and I played a bit on Facebook. Then the real contractions started.

Around 11 I asked for the epidural. I was nervous about getting it since you have to get a big shot in the back before they insert a tube into the epidural cavity in your spine. The nurse held my shoulders and Matt held my hand. Of course I got a massive contraction right in the middle that I had to sit still through. Youch. Five minutes later I was in HEAVEN! Although I must say- not being able to feel anything below your chest is a weird feeling! I couldn't lift my legs and the nurses had to roll me over haha. But it was sweet relief! I couldn't feel my contractions at all after that. I had no idea I was even having them unless I looked at the monitor.

Flash forward a few hours and the doc came in to check me, only dilated to a 1 and 60% effaced. Poo. It kept going this way for HOURS and HOURS. My labor progressed very slowly.

IN the early evening, Bailey's heart rate started going down with each contraction and I wasn't going potty, so they started worrying about my kidneys. :( Plus, they had me on oxygen to keep Bailey happy.

At this point I started to worry. By 11pm I was still only dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced. I'd been feeling my contractions through the epidural for an hour or two so I was really hoping for more progress. The doctor came in to check on me and let me know that we were nearing the possibility of having a c-section. If I wasn't dilated to at least a 7 or 8 by 8:30am (24 hours from when they broke my water), they would have to take Miss B by emergency C. I was FREAKING out!!

But I knew we had hours and hopefully I'd make some progress. Matt lay down with me in the hospital bed and we read our scriptures and prayed our hearts out. Then we both tried to get some sleep. About a half hour later I started to really feel my contractions. And when I say feel my contractions... SWEET SEA MONKEYS could I feel the contractions. They started to HURT. I called the nurse and she gave me the "boost" button for the epidural. If I was in pain- I could hit the button and it would send an extra boost through the IV. Too bad it didn't really do anything.

I whimpered through the contractions and tried to focus on anything else. I remember the TV being on- but I couldn't tell you what on earth I was watching lol. Now's when the gross/funny part comes in. I swear I felt like I had to poop. Each contraction made it worse and I was really worried that I was going to poop on the bed since I knew there was no way I'd be able to control it. I am a "bit" emotional, so naturally I started to cry at one point. I worried about a c-section, and the pain was pretty horrible, even with the epidural. I cried, I prayed, Matt slept, and I even talked to my mom a bit. Crazy? Maybe... but when you're in that much pain, anything distracting is a good idea.

Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and called the nurse again. (Oh the magic nurse button!) She came in and I told her how bad the contractions were and explained that I was worried she may have to clean up a mess. She promised me that I didn't and said I was probably starting to dilate more and I must be making progress. Then came my favorite question... "What's your pain level? 1-10?" I gave it an eight. I was trying not to sound like a wimp haha. She tried to roll me over in between contractions and I almost cried again. So freaking painful. She asked what my pain level was between contractions and I gave it a 4. She said I shouldn't be feeling any pain in between contractions and finally decided to check me.

Her exact words... "Holy cow! There's no cervix!!" Me... "Um excuse me?" She ran into the hallway and got another nurse to come check. She was right... I was TOTALLY DILATED! I went from a 3 to a 10 in an hour and half!!! No wonder I was in so much freaking pain! Typically once you hit 4 or 5 cm, it starts to go a little faster- about a cm an hour. NOT 7 in 90 minutes!! I couldn't believe it... but it was 12:45 and time to push already! So I woke up Matt, he called the family and we got the show on the road!

I pushed through 2 contractions and the nurse had to go wake up the doctor! A few more contractions and they started to break down the bed. One more contraction and the nurse put the bed back together! She was worried Miss Bailey would just slide out and she didn't want to deliver a baby!! Haha. Doc made it in, (and was amazed since he just checked me barely 2 hours ago) scrubbed up, and got the show on the road! It took all of 2 contractions and she was here!!!

We couldn't believe it!!! They placed her right on my chest and she started to cry. So did Matt and I. He was just staring at her when I noticed the doctor getting ready to cut the cord- I kinda yelled at him haha. Matt wanted to do it! Matt turned towards him really quickly right as he cut it :( :(. We were kinda sad that he didn't get to do it, but things went so fast the doctor didn't ask. On the funny side... blood from the cord shot Matt in the face/neck. So that was kinda funny. (And a little gross.)

And there you have it. Miss Bailey Ann was here. She weighed 6lbs 13oz. From the time I called the nurse at 12:30, it was barely 45 minutes until she was born at 1:17am. It took pushing through only 10 contractions and she was here!

At the risk of sounding predictable... I have to say it was the most amazing thing I have every experienced in my life. I have never felt closer to Heavenly Father than that moment. Holding our sweet baby girl that we created and knowing that 5 minutes before she was with Him, and now she was ours.

She is so beautiful and every time I look at her it's hard not to tear up. Its amazing how much I love her and how well she fits into our family. It feels like she has always been a part of our family. Right now she's snuggled up on my chest while I type and she is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

I can't wait to watch her grow up... but I hope it goes by slowly. I am soaking up every minute of her being little and teeny.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful new miracle!

And this is what happens when you are sleep deprived and try to change a diaper!!!
Missing baby feet!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Change of Plans...

Apparently the second opinion was a good idea...

In the hospital being induced!

We'll be meeting Miss Bailey sometime tomorrow!! :) :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Doctor's Office Meltdown

Today was ROUGH!!! I woke up this morning thinking "Yaaay the end is in sight!"

I went into my appointment today- fully prepared to schedule my induction (according to what the doctor I saw last Monday said). The house is ready- Matt has been going nuts doing it himself since we're expecting to be induced at 38 weeks... 2 weeks early and I am on bed rest and can't do anything. They do an Non Stress Test while I wait for my doc. He comes in and flat out refuses to schedule the induction!!! Says he doesn't see a medical need for it. Seriously?? I've been hospitalized twice, am on strict bed rest, had to do FOUR 24 hour urine tests (ew), and we've already checked to make sure our LO is fully developed. And oh yeah- I have pre-eclampsia!! Don't get me wrong- I want Miss Bailey to be healthy and bake as long as possible, BUT if we've established that she is full term and fine, why are we dragging this out??

He then tells me he can schedule an induction for the 10th, 39w1d... but it won't be with him. It will be with ANOTHER doctor that I've never seen and never even heard of. If we're freaking scheduling my baby's birth- why can't I do it with a doctor I'm comfortable with?!?! I'm bawling my eyes out at this point- he pats my leg and says "I know it's hard. I need you to do another 24 hour urine and I'll see you on Monday," and walks out of the room while I sob. Lovely.

I get to the lab to pick up my stupid jug again and the nurse is AMAZED to see me still pregnant. Comments on how she's surprised my doc hasn't induced me yet based on my lab work and of course I burst into tears again. Poor woman was handing me tissues and hugging me since I couldn't control myself. Then she has to draw blood once I can stop sobbing long enough for her to get the needle in. Of course this is the one appointment Matt hasn't been able to go to with me. :(

THEN I get to the front desk to schedule my appointment for NEXT Monday... and guess who's not in?? MY FREAKING DOCTOR. He's not in Tuesday either. His next available appointment is the 9th. If I'm scheduled for an induction on the 10th- why on earth would I come in on the 9th?! Stupid stupid stupid. So I ask if I can see any of the other 5 doctors I've seen in the past three weeks being in and out of the hospital. Nope- not a single one is available. So they schedule me with ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!! That will make seven doctors total and not a SINGLE one of them being the one I'm scheduled to be induced by.

This is absolutely freaking ridiculous. And to top it all off- once I get to the parking lot (at 4:30 and the office is now closed) I realize that he didn't even bother checking my cervix!!!! I'm 37w4d!!! How do you not check my cervix!!! It's been done at my last 4 appointments and daily in the hospital! So I could be dilated and nobody would have a freaking clue.

Sorry for the rant... I'm just seriously about to lose it. I've had an end date in sight and I feel like my little girl was just torn away from me. A little dramatic? Maybe. But bed rest will do that to you. At least take me off of bed rest and see if I'll go into labor naturally. :( I'm going to call tomorrow and beg one of the other doctors (that I've seen) to see me and give me a second opinion. If they have the same answer- that's fine... I can deal with that. But if one doctor thinks an emergency induction is necessary and one wants to keep waiting and waiting (one who hasn't bothered to see me since I've gotten pre-eclampsia) who am I supposed to believe?! Baaaaah.

I hate Mondays.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update Time!

Things have been rather interesting in the Alt household the last two weeks. It's been quite an adventure! I've been watched closely by my doctor since about 30 weeks for "Pregnancy Induced Hypertension". Basically, my blood pressure has been very high so they have been worried about pre-eclampsia. I had a list of symptoms to watch out for and was supposed to call the doctor right away if I noticed any of them.

Last Wednesday I was at work and noticed two of the scary symptoms... hand trembling and facial swelling. So I called the doctor, went into an emergency appointment, and 2o minutes later was wheeled over to Labor & Delivery. They admitted me and I was stuck there until Saturday afternoon.

They did LOTS of tests on me and Miss Bailey, ultrasounds, non-stress tests, etc. If anyone has been in the hospital for more than a day or two- especially without any answers- you know how agonizing it is. So I sat there, I lay there, and I took 500 showers since that was the only thing they would let me do!

Finally on Friday evening the doctor came to see me and gave me the official diagnosis... I have "mild pre-eclampsia". So they sent me home on strict bedrest.

Perhaps a little better than being stuck in the hospital on bedrest- at least I have my own pillow, clothes, couch, bed, etc. But still not the most fun. But I am willing to do anything to get this little girl here safely.

My labwork on Monday was "normal" for someone with mild pre-eclamsia, so I have another weekly appointment this coming Monday, and hopefully we'll be able to schedule an induction!

I was given permission to go to Matt's parent's house for Thanksgiving. :) Unfortunately my camera batteries died right after I had Matt take this picture of me! *Up and about, it's amazing!* So I didn't get to take any pics of the amazing food or fun. But it was wonderful to not be stuck in the house.

As of Monday Little Miss Bailey weighed in at 5lbs 14oz, and is in the 25th percentile. She's a little tiny- but scores a 10 out of 10 on all of her tests! She's moving great, practicing breathing beautifully, and is developing just right! We can't wait to meet her! Hopefully we'll get to meet her next week! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


I’ve been having Braxton Hicks since around 20 weeks. They’re mostly annoying and just started getting painful in the last week or so. Last week I even ended up in labor and delivery because they were getting closer and closer together and I was having trouble talking through them. They were just hefty Braxton Hicks.

Last night I was sitting in bed reading with the hubbs and had a REAL CONTRACTION.

Oh my gosh- I had no idea what I was in for. I thought the Braxton Hicks were painful. I seriously thought I was going to cry… and I only had ONE!!! It was HORRIBLE!! I know I know, labor is going to hurt, but with all the BH I’ve had- I thought I’d be more prepared for what contractions would feel like.

Turns out- I was clueless. I can’t imagine what it will feel like when they’re coming close together. Bring on the epidural.

On a happier note- I am super ready and excited for Miss Bailey to get here!!! Bring on the crazy painful contractions! LOL.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Maternity Pictures!

If I was forced to pick a favorite... I think it's this one.

I know: my favorite pictures are always kissy pictures. Sorry.

Holy cow my hubby is a HOTTIE!

We had such a fun time on Halloween taking our Maternity Pictures.

Our photographer, Maddy, did an AMAZING job! I am so pleased with how they turned out and I can't wait to blow them up, frame them, and put them on Miss Bailey's wall! :)

Check out Maddy's work at

And go ahead- schedule a session for Christmas cards. Trust me, you'll be SO HAPPY you did! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

O Christmas Cards, O Christmas Cards...

As a Mommy-to-be I am learning the art of timesaving and practicality. I love to craft and scrapbook. So ideally I would create my own homemade “cutesy” Christmas cards. Right… like I have time like that on my hands. Haha.

So I do the next best thing… I’ve been using Shutterfly for a few years now and I am always happy with the results. I was given an amazing photo book for a wedding present (thanks Jen!) with tons of gorgeous pictures from our wedding day. Since then I’ve been hooked!

Last year I did our cards through them and I loved the way they turned out!

There are soooo many cute new styles of cards out this year that it’s so hard to choose.

Don't be surprised if you get one like this for 2011! A year of Miss Bailey?! Yes Please!

Hmmm do you like this one in blue or green??

LOVE this one. I think it's my second favorite.

Bailey should be here by Christmas, (don’t anyone worry if your cards don’t quite get to you by then- they’re coming!) so I'm thinking I’ll combine our cards with her Birth Announcement. Which means…

It must be pink. But how to combine pink and a Christmas card??

Leave it to Shutterfly to have the PERFECT card!

What do you think?

Obviously we’ll add pictures of Miss Bailey when she gets here. But I LOVE the layout and design!

And I have to add: my all time favorite thing about ordering my Christmas cards from Shutterfly… you can print them at Target!!!!

No extra charge, and they’re ready within the hour. You just go pick them up from their photo center! So convenient.

If anyone is interested- Shutterfly is running a promotion for 50 FREE Holiday Cards just for bloggers! Follow this LINK and check it out!

Does anyone else have their Christmas cards done yet? I still have to get a jump start on shopping. I can't believe we only have 48 Days, 12 Hours & 58 Minutes. But who's counting?
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