Friday, March 25, 2011


Our lives revolve around this little girl. Sorry if none of my posts have anything else exciting to say! We are just going on with life, and loving every minute that we get to love on Miss Bailey.

At the end of February (Bailey was almost 3 months old) someone gave us a spare activity center. We thought it would be fun to put B in and see what she thought of it.

This was her initial reaction:

Once we propped her up, this is what we got!

1- I guess I can handle this...
2- Waaaaaaaaaah, Where's my BINKY?! :(
3- Do I even fit in this thing?!
4- Me: Bailey SMILE for Mommy!! B: Why are you making that face?!

She still isn't a big fan of the activity center... but LOVES her swing and jumperoo! :)

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