Monday, April 5, 2010

Girl's Night In

I volunteered to help Jen with her fundraising for March of Dimes this year. We had a night in to make yummy baked things for the bake sale! After a fabulously productive trip to Target (see documentation below!) we enjoyed an evening of cake batter, goofing off, and M&M's. Yummm.

How do two girls look so fabulous and silly at the same time?

The most hideous sunglasses and shoes we could find!

It's RAINING!!!!
(In Target?)

Definite chance of flash flooding in the near future :)


2 cake mixes takes LOTS of eggs!

Oil & water next...

Jen's turn with the mixer...
Who knew the batter would turn into a beautiful buttefly!?

Mmmmmm. Yumm.
Now I want cupcakes.

My current favorite. Always reminds me of Karlee, my college roomie. Miss ya!

The perfect pour!

This is what the yummy cupcakes became!!
Don't mind the mutilated ones in the background.
I had to chop off the tops to level them out hehe.
Don't think they went to waste!

Cupcake Heaven!

I found these adorable basket cupcake wraps at Michaels.
How cute?! :)

The finished product!!!
They brought in $20 a box for March of Dimes!

We had so much fun! I'm excited for GN this week! :)

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  1. Thank you SO much for your help with that! Love u! I had a fabulous time...especially the not working part. hahaha


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