Monday, June 21, 2010

So Behind!

I have SO MUCH to blog about!! I am super behind...

Matt's graduation, pregnancy, the month of May, Father's Day, my first Relief Society Lesson, etc. Whew... boy have I dropped the ball.

Lets start with my prego-ness...

Good news is: I'm finally starting to feel human again!!! :) Yipee!!
I don't there is any bad news at this point haha.

Here are the latest 2 belly shots from 13 and 14 weeks. I definitely need to take the pictures with my camera and not my phone. The quality is so much better, but the phone is usually within reach.

Bean is now the size of a large lemon, and is definitely starting to poke out a bit. :) According to the fun emails I get each week, I should be able to start feeling movement within the next month or so. We get to hear the heartbeat again on Friday (another dr's appointment!) and our gender ultrasound is coming up next month!!! I can't believe our second anniversary is right around the corner. It turns out that it falls just 2 days after my appointment was originally scheduled, so I switched... and we'll be able to find out if Bean is a boy or girl on our anniversary! :) :) Cheesy, yes... but I am SOO FLIPPIN EXCITED! :) :)

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