Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wish List...

So I've been planning on blogging about my Wish List for months. I got the idea from this great blog by Jen! :) Initially the list was going to be full of amazing curtains, pillows that I'm in love with, a cute little while dress for when we go to the Temple, and possibly a gorgeous pair of these:

With the recent turn of events in our lives, my wish list has changed... DRAMATICALLY. Today, I checked 2 CVS's in search of the perfect diaper rash ointment that happens to be on sale. (Don't laugh, it's typically $29.99 and it's on sale for $7.49!!) Since I haven't register yet, as we won't know Bean's gender for 47 more days -yes I'm counting down- I felt the need to put together a little Wish List. Enjoy! :)

We have the crib that matches this changing table! It's much darker, and I LOVE it!

One thing that I have quickly learned, is that being a "belly sleeper" like myself and being pregnant do not mix together. So I have quite a time barricading myself in with pillows, trying not to roll onto my belly in the middle of the night. It's pretty much a lost cause, I just end up uncomfortable and with zero sleep. So I'm beginning to think one of these may be a necessity to get myself through the next six months so that I can not be a complete zombie come December.
Doesn't she look comfy!!! I miss my sleep! :(

These are not so much a wish as a necessity. Seeing as these suckers will be a constant companion in my life for the next few years, I figured they should make the list.

This next item too MUCH deliberation, reading every review and recall known to man, and LOTS of trial and error (ie: dragging Bella to Target and forced her to ride in each one as we maneuvered them in between racks of clothing) we finally decided.

I know it's not pink, blue, green, or any other fun baby-ish color. But I despise anything that attempts to be "gender neutral", it simply doesn't exist. And black is always classy. It's like a little black dress, you simply can't go wrong! :) Can't you see a cute little girl with a big bow on her head wrapped up in a fuzzy pink blanket? Or a little boy with a cute little hat and a teddy bear? Adorable.

Since Bean will be coming home in December, when it's not exactly sunny and warm, we will keep our little one fashionably warm with one of these :)

Dang, I wish they made these adult sized! (But if it looks anything like the Snuggie, I don't want it!)

What type of mommy would I be if I wasn't already drooling over bedding for our sweet Bean's nursery? We already have our favorites picked out! :)

I absolutely ADORE this bedding. I have to say, there are a billion girl bedding sets that I looove, but there are a few sets of 'boy' bedding that I like too. (Like this one...)

I suppose I'll manage to find cute boy bedding if I have to :)

And a few other things I've had my eye on:

The main problem I've come across when it comes to purchasing anything baby-related in early pregnancy, is the complete lack of ANYTHING actually gender neutral. It simply doesn't exist. Anything yellow, has blue accents. And anything green, simply screams 'boy'! This is the only semi-decent, fairly cute, article of clothing I've managed to find:

"Sweet Pea"... pretty dang cute. BUT why would I buy that, when if I just wait 47 more days, I can buy things like this:

Or this:

Cute boy clothes do exist! I've spent quite a lot of time hunting for cute bedding, clothing, furniture, maternity clothes, the perfect diaper, stroller, etc.
That's when I found it.
The Holy Grail of diaper bags. I'm in LOVE. I think I must have it.

Complete fabulousness. I will definitely have to get him a 'man-bag' if I do get this one, I highly doubt he would carry this around. I love Vera. Sigh, if only I was a billionaire.

It's fun to dream right!? Any essentials I'm missing?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog, even if there is only one stiletto in it :)

    GREAT it!!!!

  2. I have that preggo pillow, and it literally saved my life. Just know that Matt might feel a little left out because it'll be your cuddle buddy until Bean makes his/her appearance:) The only downfall I can think of is that it can make you a little warm. I was fine, but a friend of mine borrowed it from me when she was preggo and ended up giving it back because she got really hot and couldn't sleep. But everyone's different, and I hope you love it as much as I did if you end up getting it! The only thing I could recommend would be a little foam incline to put in Bean's bed. They have them at Toys/Babies R Us, and they help prevent SIDS. I'm excited for you to find out if you'll be decorating with pink or blue!

  3. the pregnant pillow is a must have...but if you still sleep on your tummy at this point you're okay.
    you are so cute. i'm still having heart problems over the $97 DIAPER bag. but i love you anyway.


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