Monday, January 31, 2011

Bath Time!!

Miss Bailey's cord fell off before she was a week old!

I was not expecting that. Truth be told- I bawled like a baby!
Maybe it was the hormones... but I felt like my little baby was growing up already :(
We waited a few more days, and then gave her a real bath! She looooves her baths!
Isabelle loves her cousin Bailey, so when it was bathtime and Isabelle was visiting- we decided to toss them in together!

Isabelle hates having water poured over her head. She REALLY freaks out about it. So we decided to make a deal... if she would allow us to rinse her hair- we would let her help wash Bailey. See her rubbing her hands together- full of soap!
It went great- until she decided it was time to rinse her off and poured a HUGE cup of water right in her face! Whoops.
Luckily she didn't mind too much,
But I don't think poor Bailey liked sharing her bath!
Hi Mommy!

Are you going to show this to all of my boyfriends?

My favorite part of bathtime is the snuggle afterward!!

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