Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Holly Jolly Christmas

I suppose it's okay that I'm finally blogging about Christmas? I mean... it is still January, and our Christmas cards are JUST going in the mail today.
Don't judge... it's hard to have a newborn!

The weeks following Bailey's 'homecoming' were filled with lots of Christmas shopping:
(in her holiday coordinating outfits of course)
Present wrapping:

A little bit of fussing:
On BOTH of our parts!

And LOTS of snuggles!!
My baby can defy gravity... can yours?

Christmas Eve has taken on some new traditions in our new family. In my family we used to wrap the final presents, watch every Christmas movie we owned, decorate cookies for Santa, read Luke 2 & 'Twas The Night Before Christmas (awesome pop-up edition!), then we'd snuggle in bed in our new jammies.

Now that I've married into a family with a Christmas Eve birthday things are a little different. The last few years, I haven't minded... but it's a little harder scrapping your favorite traditions for new ones when you want to start your own with your new baby! This year, she didn't know... but next year I think we'll have to re-vamp our Christmas Eve schedule.

After tons of hurried shopping, a bit of baking, and lots of dirty diapers in between- Christmas Eve was finally here. We slept in a bit and snuggled with our sweet baby girl. Then we packed her on up and headed to Matt's parents house.

Matt's sister, Bailey and I went shopping just like every year! The funny part is, we never buy anything for anyone else, until this year! Usually it's just to treat ourselves :) but we picked out a few last minute gifts as well.

After shopping... it was more girl-time. I left Bailey for the FIRST time!! (Other than a 5 minute run to the ATM.) We went for a mani-pedi and Matt watched Miss B.

This is what I came home to:

Apparently neither one of them liked me being gone for so long!
Or it was the projectile poopie that made quite a mess while mid-diaper change. Haha.
Daddy decided to have a little chat about the poo explosion.
I don't think she gets it yet.

We got home to our tree that I LOVE filled with presents.
We read Luke 2 and went to bed ready for Christmas morning!!
And coffee cake... mmmm.

Before we knew it- it was time to wake up!!

I tell Matt she will love these pictures when she's older...
Or maybe they're just to make Mommy happy.

Isabelle loved her Mommy's new gloves!
And wanted to be just like Bailey.
Matt got some awesome cubbies gear.

And I took a gazillion pictures with my new camera!
It's hard to tell- but the cute cousins have matching Christmas dresses!
Our new family of three!!

Merry (late) Christmas from the Alt family to yours!

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  1. CUTE! And yes your baby does defy gravity, I've witnessed it myself people...there are no strings holding her there, its adorable. I'm too scared to try it with her lol.


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