Thursday, April 28, 2011


Three weeks without blogging!? I stink. But I'm not sure if anyone is seriously interested in the ins and outs of our everyday life. We have established a pretty good routine around our house.

In the morning I get up and get ready for the day, nurse Bailey and head out the door! Work work work all day long, then come home and hang out with my little family. Then I start the day all over again!

Most days I come home to something like this:

She heard her mommy and was ready to get some snuggles!

I love seeing Little B's face after a long day of work. It's just what I need to brighten my day and make things all better!

Being a first time mommy is definitely hard! I am trying VERY hard to not freak out at every little 'different' thing she does and not rush Bailey to the doctor's office the second anything happens. So far I've done pretty well. Other than her regular montly check-ups
*like this one at 4 months*

(So happy before her shots! She's quite the champ!)

We have only made 2 trips to the doctor over "Mommy Panic" as I like to call it. The first one was when Bailey was about 3 weeks old. She woke up with her eyes all gunky and 'glued' together (ew)! We had been at a friend's house who's little boy had just gotten pink eye- so I freaked. Naturally right?

Our latest Mommy Panic was on Monday. Bailey hasn't been sleeping well and I assumed it was 4 month sleep regression. But since it kept getting worse and worse and she didn't want to eat, be held, rocked, etc. I decided it was time to go see the doc! I NEVER in a million years expected the answer we got...

TEETHING!!!! That's right, my four month old is teething. I suppose she'll be 5 months on Monday, but holy toledo. I did not expect that. Her gums are slightly swollen, I'm guessing it will probably take a few weeks for the little chompers to actually break through but at least we finally know what is causing our little punkin so much discomfort! A little baby orajel and a cold teether seems to make her happy as a clam. Along with an extra few ounces to eat before bed and we have our happy, smiley baby back! Wahoo!

After her doctor's appointment we grabbed an early dinner and Miss Thang was pouting because I asked her to hold my fruit. :) Silly girl does not like pears.

All in all we are absolutely loving being parents. There are some opportunities that may open up to us in the next few months, so we're trying to decide what the future holds and what is best for our family.

As of right now, Matt is being an awesome 'mannie' and loves getting to spend special time with his little girl. I'm chugging on through and working had in hopes that one day soon I will get to be home with my little love.

I just can't resist this face... after I got ready for bed the other night I came in to this!

What a cute little thing she is! I am so lucky to be her mommy!


  1. aww you are so sweet! Shes lucky to have you as a mommy!

  2. I love reading the every day stuff of Elisabeth! Since we rarely ever get to talk on the phone right now blogging is a life saver! You are doing great and I am so proud of you for being the most wonderful wife and mommy in the world!


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