Sunday, September 11, 2011

Corn, State Fair & Alts Alts Alts!

That's what Indiana has!

Matt's Grandma Bocek passed away the day after his birthday :( She had Alzheimer's Disease and had recently been placed in a nursing home. We went to Indiana to be with family and celebrate her life.

We spent 7 days there (Bailey's first big trip out of state!) and Bailey got to meet her Great Grandma Alt (Mayme), her Great Uncle Joe, Aunt Pat, Aunt Abby, Uncle Barry, Aunt Jacque, and second cousins Anna, Maggie and Katherine. Needless to say she got LOTS of attention! She also got to visit with her Aunt Jenny who loves her to pieces! Although the reason for the trip was a sad one, it was very nice to get to be with family.

Bailey with Mayme (and her Bingo Buddies)


Mayme with three of her grandchildren (Jake, Matt & Jen) and her second Great Grandbaby!


Bailey with her Aunt Jenny (who ADORES her!)


You hear all about it- but until you taste it... you really have no idea. Indiana has the MOST AMAZING corn!!! It is delicious, even Bailey loved it. Although she loves just about everything.


Bailey had so much fun playing with her second cousins all week long. Their favorite thing to do was to put her in the middle of their air-bed and jump up and down to make her fly in the air. I had a mini-heart attack... but she loved it so much I couldn't make them stop! Luckily nobody got hurt... and Bailey smiled and laughed for hours at a time! And anything that can entertain my 8 month old for more than 5 minutes is worth it.

We even checked out the State Fair while we were there (yes the same fair that had the stage collapse at a Sugarland Concert 3 days after we were there.) It was just like every other fair- with lots and lots of roasted corn!

Believe it or not, the two girls on the outside are TWINS!!! Anna and Maggie :) Their younger sister Katherine is holding Bailey.

All in all
Bailey did fairly well on the long drive to and from Indiana. On the way there- we drove overnight. I didn't sleep, but Bailey slept most of the way, only waking up a few times.

The way home was a little different. We bought a new car! (We actually bought Mayme's car since she can't drive it anymore.) So we had 2 cars to drive home... we decided to caravan with Matt's parents so we could all get home safe! 12 hours in the car alone with an 8 month old was NOT going to be possible for me!

Here's Bailey being goofy at one of the many stops on our way home.


Gimme that camera- I'm bored in the back!


It was a hard trip. Lots of running around and working with other people's schedules. But in the end, I'm very happy we went and got to spend lots of time with the Alts!

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