Tuesday, July 20, 2010


As many of you know, since Matt has joined the church, we are planning on going to the temple next spring. It is definitely one of the most exciting things I have ever gotten a chance to plan for. I have been waiting for this day since I was a little girl.

Bruce R. McConkie stated:
"The single most important thing that anyone can do in this world is to marry the right person, in the right place, with the right authority.”

I am beyond excited to be sealed to my wonderful husband for time and all eternity in this beautiful building. We will also have our sweet little Bean sealed to us. Sometimes it's all too much to imagine!! But somehow in the midst of all of the baby planning and preparing to go... my mind wanders to what will happen afterwards. Since our first wedding didn't quite go the way I had planned... I have a few ideas of some fun things to do this go round.

Heck **you only get married once right?!**

When we got married, one of the most important things to me what that I could have pink peonies in my bouquet. They were my mother's all-time favorite flower. And it was super important to me. Unfortunatley, with the timing of the wedding and the color scheme we finally settled on (based on the venue that I wasn't too fond of either...) I wasn't able to have my pink peonies. This time... NOTHING will stop me!!! :)

Since I originally did the 'ridiculously ornate' gown with a semi-cathedral length train, I am going to go for the much more simple this time.

A tea-length white dress (with a shrug of course). Simple, elegant and beautiful.

I wonder if I could simply get this one altered to add more of a sleeve/top. Hmm...

And for a little bit of personality... and simply because I can, I am definitely going to go for a sexy little number like this!! Not every bride gets to show off her gorgeous shoes! Why not make a statement...

Since Matt got to pick the tux for the first-go-round (which he did a wonderful job of, I might add...) this time it's my turn. This is a simple, classic three-piece Ralph Lauren suit that he can wear again and again.

With a spectacular pink tie of course!

And an adorable little addition:

Finally... you can't have a party without CAKE!!!! I adore this set up. I may go for cupcakes, as it's more economical and fun. But we'll see. I may even make the cake myself. I'm thinking homade hors d'oeuvres and a fun little backyard celebration. **Sigh** exactly what I always wanted.



  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanna do one, but I dont want everyone to see my stuff. Maybe I'll just put my stuff together and send it to you LOL :)

    LOVE everything about this! xo

    and CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the dress and the shoes!!! I'm so excited for you. Do you know which temple yet?

  3. Yep, Washington DC. :) :) :) I was sealed to my family there, so I'm super excited to go to the same temple!

  4. That is awesome Elisabeth! This will be such a wonderful time in your life. Being sealed to your wonderful hubby and baby. :)

  5. I'm so excited for you! So many exciting things are going on in your life right now! That's SO awesome!

  6. Also, I'm going to add you guys on to my blog list so I can keep up with you! Hope that's ok! : )


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