Monday, July 12, 2010

What Do You Do...

When you feel like one more day at work might actually make your head explode??



So that's what we did. Jen and I took Friday off from work (I took Thursday too and it was SPECTACULAR) and decided to head to the beach. Since she had evening plans, I had the bright idea to go to Yorktown, Va. It's not quite as far as Virginia Beach and I hadn't been there in years. What a GREAT IDEA!!!


It was every bit as beautiful and uncrowded as I remembered.


We layed out on snuggly beach towels, drank Kool-Aid, read Vampire Books, and enjoyed soaking up every moment. If holidays and the 4th of July are an ice cream sunday...
then this was the yummy dollop of whipped cream and the cherry on top!!


Of course we can't do the beach like 'normal' people. "Sand-wiches?" YUCK! No thanks. So we brought plates, silverware, cups & cloth napkins!!! Classy girls here!


Sooo yummy. We had so much fun!! We definitely need to do that again soon. I love the secluded beach and the tiny town atmosphere. Perhaps I will take another vacation day soon...

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  1. We ooze class and refinement. I tell you what... :) SO much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Should've taken more than a day-ready to go again! xo


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