Monday, August 29, 2011

One Virus, A Double Ear Infection & No Sleep!

The night we brought Bailey home from the hospital was interesting. No matter how much you read, you are never quite prepared for the first night home alone. No magic nurse button... I missed the button. Matt is one of the lucky individuals who can sleep through almost anything. (The only thing I've seen wake him up is an earthquake, lol.) So around 2am when I am hormonal, sleep deprived and freaking out because the nurse at the hospital made us keep the lights on at night so we could 'make sure your baby didn't stop breathing' (how's THAT for freaking out a brand new mom?!)I decided to try what always worked for my mom, to sing Bailey to sleep. The exhausted and sore Mommy that I was could only think of one song- Silent Night. How's that for ironic, eh? So I sang it... about 800x until Bailey finally fell asleep around 3:30am. Why am I bringing up this story? Bailey's Christmas onesie finally fits... and it's all I can think of when I saw put her in it!!


Being a mom is scary. There I said it. It's not all rainbows and unicorns, and "Oh look at my cute baby!" All of the sudden there is a little person depending on you for everything. Food, love, diapers, etc. It is a daunting task. One that I love- but it is definitely intimidating.

One thing that made it a bit easier on us, was having a routine. After the first few days we managed to get her on an awesome schedule. Eating every three hours on the dot, then playing then sleeping. It was consistent. We were the lucky parents that brought home a newborn that slept through the night after about six days. Unheard of right? It was wonderful. Four month sleep regression hit, and we pushed through it. It stunk, but didn't last for long. Maybe 2 weeks. Then six months rolled around. Another sleep regression that lasted for about three weeks. I'm not gonna lie- it was rough. Especially with me working full time and getting up all night. 8 times a night Bailey? Was that really necessary?

We finally pushed through that sleep nightmare and made it to the other side! I had a wonderful sleeper again! THEN came the GERMS!!! Oh germs how I hate you. A mommy knows when something is wrong- Bailey stopped sleeping, was off of her schedule, she fussed a lot and, of all things, wouldn't eat. Bean has always been a champ when it comes to eating, especially solids- so that worried me. She would barely take two bites. Matt thought I was ridiculous- but off to the doctor we went. Nothing- not one problem the doctor could find.

That night, Bailey started running a 103 degree fever! We went in the next morning- who could look at this picture and not know that my poor girl was not feeling good?


A blood test, 8 catheter attempts (and one outraged Mommy) later, it was determined she had a virus. So we went home and waited it out. My poor girl was so sick. But we made it through- three days later her fever finally broke and my happy girl was back again. :)

Two weeks later, we had a double ear infection and no sleep again. I really hope Miss Bailey doesn't get her Mommy's immune system and catch everything out there. Only time will tell!

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