Monday, September 14, 2009


YIPEE!!!! Matt got a new full-time job! He's been hunting since he got laid off in January, and he finally snagged something! This job market is awful, and our prayers finally got answered. He's been doing temp work for months and between that and my income we've been okay. But we are super excited to have a steady job! He also got more great news, he's halfway done with school! He will be done by August of next year (it would be earlier, he's only been in for 8 months... but with Christmas and Spring breaks it draws it out a little). I am so thrilled and proud of him. I can't believe in less than a year, he'll be a college grad. Time sure goes by fast. This week was wonderful, lots of good news. He starts the new job next week! Training starts Monday in Chantilly, VA. Then he should be on the job by Wednesday. Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers over the past few months!! xo -E

He looks so darn cute in a tie!


  1. first of all YEAH i am so happy you guys have a blog!! second, YEAH MATT congrats on the job and being closer to graduating! thats exciting.

  2. Congrats to Matt!!!!!!!!!!! :) I know you guys are so happy about that!!!


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