Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh What a Day...

So I was minding my own business driving home from an awfully looooong day at work, and guess what... CAR ACCIDENT!!!!! :( I was merging on a short exit, checked my blind spot, turned back around to BRAKE LIGHTS!!! I slammed on my breaks... to no avail. Ugh. It was awful. I've never been in an accident with another car on the highway before. So of course I'm crying hysterically on the phone with the poor 911 operator. Things were going so well. Apparently it's not in the cards for too many good things to happen to us in a row. Oh, and the court date is the day before we move! And I'll probably have to go to driving school. Because I got a ticket for following too closely. I was MERGING and HE STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIGHWAY! And I got a ticket. Sorry about my rant, it's been a long day and that was a pretty awful end to it.

My Poor car!!!! Mr. Jeep barely got a scratch.

This hurts just looking at it.

Yep, my hood is sticking up.

The grill cracked and fell off completely.

Typically... just from what I've observed, most parts are supposed to be attached to the car.

Everyone keeps telling me that these things happen every day, even the guy that I hit. At lease he was nice. I could have been hurt worse than a massive headache, and the damage could have been worse. I'm thinking a homemade milkshake and "The Notebook". That should cure everything!

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  1. oh liz i am so sorry! i hate that merging business. people seriously dont know how to do it. i am glad no one was hurt. i hope you did watch the notebook and make a milkshake that sounds like the best cure to me!


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