Friday, September 11, 2009

We're Moving!

Yay!! We're so excited! We have been wanting a bigger place for so long. We finally decided to make the move and get a new apartment. We were hoping to get to buy a house, but it won't happen for at least another year or two, so rather than subject ourselves to another year in our TINY apartment... we are moving up! We're getting a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom garden apartment at Hanover Crossings. Moving day is October 24th. :) I had no idea that we would acquire as much junk as we have in the past 2 years. I packed the first box last night, and I realized just how much work is ahead of me. With Matt in school, I figure I'll be doing most of the box packing. I'll just let him move all the heavy stuff. It seems like a good trade to me. Not that I won't miss our first home together, but I am dying to get the Christmas tree out of the pantry. Matt won't have to keep his golf clubs in the back of his car, and we will actually have somewhere to put friends when they come to visit. That's all the news for now, we can't wait!!


  1. yay!! you have a blog!! and you're moving closer to ME!!

  2. So excited!!! I wanna go there too! :) You guys have lots of good news lately...must be church!!!! ;)

  3. Today was officially the end of the good news!!! Blah. =/


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