Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Busy Busy Week!!

Whew! What a week!! We moved last Saturday, it was pretty much a miserable day to move! Haha it started raining as soon as everyone got there. It only took two trips to get everything over the new apartment, I think we had about 5 cars, a truck, and a trailer! So it was actually pretty easy. The new apartment is nice. There were a few things that had to be fixed, but they're taken care of already! We're mostly unpacked, the spare bedroom is full of boxes, but hopefully we'll get that taken care of this weekend. Everything else is mostly unpacked. I'll take pictures of the new place soon and post them!

We decided to have a Halloween Party at the new place on Saturday. It was pretty rainy and gloomy outside, so we mostly ended up watching football! haha But we had fun, the food was good, and the decorations were fun. Matt and I carved pumpkins for date night. Oh and what an adventure it was!! I should not have waited until Halloween Eve to buy pumpkins for carving. It took FIVE STORES! I called Wal Mart after I went to Food Lion, Kroger, and a second Walmart to find them and they were all sold out, and they hung up on me three times!!!! Who is really surprised though. So finally I called Ukrops and the nice manager went outside to check for me. And we found pumpkins!!! I love Ukrops! :)

My Little Monster!

Apparently Matt's pumpkin isn't feeling so good.

After we carved pumpkins, we watched Hocus Pocus. :)

Such a fun movie that's not scary (so I can watch it!) haha

Saturday we planned for and had the party. We had a ton of good food and then has some friends over. We ended up watching football haha. It was rainy and pretty gloomy outside. But it was still fun to get all dressed up.

Characters from one of my favorite books (Vampire Academy Series)
Rosa & Demetri
(and Betty the piggy haha)


Oh! Also, I got a new job!! Well, a second job. I'm going to be working part-time/seasonal at Yankee Candle on top of my full-time job. Hopefully I'll have a little extra cash for the Holidays! :)

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