Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Pictures

My Favorite!! :)
We went out to the park on Saturday (it's AMAZING it didn't rain on us!) and took pictures for our Christmas cards this year. We had so much fun being outside, instead of in a stuffy studio doing dumb poses haha. Betty ran through the biggest mud puddle she could find, of course, but it was a great Saturday afternoon.

We had a fun, busy weekend! Friday we went out to dinner and then went to see New Moon! Which I LOVED. Although the little 11 year olds screaming every time Jacob had his shirt off was pretty obnoxious lol. Saturday we did Christmas pictures, and cleaned the apartment. I'm trying to get it ready to put up the Christmas decorations! Then I went to work, yuck. Matt went to the UFC fight with the guys from Elder's Quorum Saturday night. (Yay for guy bonding... I got to catch up on all of my girly shows that I try not to make Matt watch with me haha.) Sunday was a full day of Church, Marriage Class, and then we had dinner with Bob and Ruth. They have been fantastic friends to our family, and we are so sad to see them move away :(. Hopefully we'll find some time to relax this weekend! haha yeah right. Life never seems to slow down, but I still love it!

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