Thursday, November 19, 2009


"I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed? I think you can in Europe." -10 Things I Hate About You

I am totally OVERWHELMED! Last year I had the bright idea to host Chrismas Dinner with both of our families in our TINY little one bedroom apartment. This resulted in extra card tables, couches being moved, and attempting to fit 10 people and 2 dogs comfortably in about 700 square feet. Not such a bright idea. Not to mention the fact that although everything (in my opinion) was wonderful, and I worked my butt off to make it that way... it still wasn't good enough (for some individuals that attended). So my meticulous, obsessive-compulsive self has decided that Thanksgiving would be a great time to torture myself again and attempt to do the impossible... PLEASE MY MOTHER-IN-LAW! So here I am, a week before Thanksgiving... already gone shopping, and ready to have a complete hysterical break down! I have no idea how my perfect mother made everything look so effortless! Every year, my sister and I watched the parade in our pj's and wondered into the dining room around 3pm (after eating numerous, mouth-watering appetizers with the extended family, I might add) to find a feast fit for Southern Living laid out for us. I'm toast.
How on earth do I take all of this:

and make it look like this...
Without ending up in one of these???

Anyone have any suggestions?? I'm at a loss here.

I have all of my recipes compiled and the shopping done (minus a few things that I couldn't find! agh...) Now I just have to sit, wait and STRESS lol. I need a massage. Or maybe we'll just go to Cracker Barrel!! :) I do have to figure out the table decor... so that gives me something else to worry about while I wait for next week and freak out haha. (I'm NOT a nail biter... but mine are dangerously short!) According to Chris Alt, it's improper to have people over for dinner without a tablecloth and place cards. I seriously set my self up for failure on this one.

Any suggestions on how to please the mother-in-law?? And if anyone says it's impossible, I may just jump off a cliff. And take the Turkey with me! (Which I'm sure will be too dry, the Sweet Potato Casserole will have too many sweet potatoes, and I better not put chocolate in the Pecan Pie or I might get my butt handed to me on a platter -which will be the inappropriate serving dish anyway- AGAIN this year.) I am determined... it will be wonderful, regardless of what Mrs. You're-Never-Going-To-Be-Good-Enough-For-My-Son has to say!

For the record, none of the photos are mine... all are courtesy of Google Image Search! :)


  1. How about you and I go to Melting Pot instead of all this family BS? hehe...

    PS, I thought Thanksgiving dinner at your dad's house last year was wonderful!!!!!!! :)

    LOVE YOU! xo

  2. For the record, Matt's mom typically has good intentions. She just has a very frusterating way of getting them across. She's not completely horrible... and I don't want to portray her as such. But she does certainly get under my skin and this was a good way to get it out! I think we all have mother-in-law issues from time to time! But she tries to be kind and is good to Matt and I.


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