Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Fun!

Whew... what a BUSY weekend! Friday night we went to Barnes & Noble and Gift Wrapped for CCI. They weren't super busy, so we basically played with the puppies and read books all night. Saturday I had to open at Yankee Candle. Which meant being there at 7:30 AM!!! Whoever had the bright idea that anyone wants to do their Christmas shopping at 7am on a Saturday is beyond me. Luckily I got off at 11 and we got to head up to DC for the day!!

Dad, Matt & I headed up to the Temple and on our way stopped at Potomac Mills (a HUGE outlet mall in Northern VA). It was SLAMMED! Big surprise... haha. It took FOREVER to find a parking spot. But we walked around for a while and I got Rita's!! It's an amazing Italien Ice and Custard place that I'm obsessed with. They're usually outdoors and only open during the summer but the mall has one. Yum! I got peppermint chip with chocolate custard. Pure Heaven. I got an adorable baby shower gift at Carter's and can't wait for my dear friend Amy to get it this coming Saturday! :)

Then we went to the Temple. It was amazing. I havne't been to see the lights in a few years, but it was absolutely stunning. The pictures hardly do it justice. (I seriously need a new camera lol.) We got to the Temple and ran inside to see if the Joseph Smith movie was playing, and SURPRISE!! Our ward was in the theater!! Someone had mentioned that our Youth were going that night, but it was so neat to get to watch the movie with our Bishopric and other friends. If you haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend it. It's so powerful. After the movie we walked around the visitor's center, which is beautifully decorated for this time of year. Matt even looked into his family history and found information on his Pawpaw. It was his first Temple Trip, and I couldn't have asked for a better night.

On the way home we found a tiny Jewish Deli that had AMAZING sandwiches. And then we totally got lost and ended up driving right through DC and past ALL of the monuments around midnight. It was such a fun trip.

Sunday was fairly nice and relaxing. We went to church, then came home and wrapped presents and cleaned up a little bit. We had Dad over for dinner and made pizza, yum! I can't wait to make Christmas Cookies tonight!!! :)

My favorite picture from Saturday.


It wasn't live this year, haha.

I love to see the temple...

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