Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend!

What a loooong week!! It's always hard going back to work for a full week after time off. Thanksgiving was wonderful! We had so much fun with family. Everything ended up going pretty well. Only a few moments that made me think I was going to scream :). All in all it was a great weekend. On Wednesday after work (Matt was off from school and I didn't have to go to Yankee) we went over to Dad's and started to cook! I'm proud to say that my sweet hubby made the pumpkin pie filling all by himself! And it turned out fantastic! What a sweetheart.

Mmmm doesn't it look yummy? I made the homeade apple, and Matt's Mom made the Chocolate Pecan. Yum! Dang, now I want pie.

Bella with Matt's Mom
Such a Cutie Pie!
Somewhere in the process of cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for 8 people, I managed to give this cute little one a bath and she was so cooperative for the adorable little pig tails!
Table setting, before the candles were lit and our plates were piled high!
Matt and his Dad!

After dinner we all watched the Santa Claus :) and then had pie! We had to wait about two hours becuase we were all so stuffed that we couldn't move lol. All in all it was a great Thanksigiving! As usual I super-stressed over something that wasn't so bad! haha.

Friday Matt and I both had to work. I didn't have to go to the office, but I had to be at Yankee from 10-4. So I got up at the butt crack of dawn (4:30 AM!) and went SHOPPING!!! It was so much fun. Although I did miss having my shopping buddy with me. Matt and I went together the last two years and he stands in the looooong lines and holds my stuff. How wonderful is he?! I got Isabelle, my Dad, Jake, and my sister done! Matt's almost done too. Whew... I love the feeling of getting the shopping done. I went to Kohl's, Target (where I almost got attacked in the parking lot!), Michael's, Five Below, and I managed to brave Best Buy (although I didn't buy anything). By then it was about 7:30am. So I went home, got ready for work, and was at the mall by 8! Haha. I shopped for another hour and a half before I had to go to work. Lots and lots of great deals! When I got off, we went to have dinner with our friends the Cowne's. (I forgot the camera, oops!) They made us Thanksgiving all over again! It was fantastic. They are both amazing cooks. My dad and the missionaries came and we had a blast. Needless to say, by Friday night I was totally tuckered out!

Saturday I was hoping to relax! No such luck haha. I told Matt about all of the great deals I found on Friday, so he wanted to go shopping! We went out and got a bunch more stuff. Woo Hoo for Christmas Shopping!! :) Then I had to close Saturday night at Yankee.

Finally, we got to relax on Sunday. I adore Sundays. The family, the friends, the worship, relaxation and a good meal. Doesn't get much better than that! After church we put up the tree and played Guitar Hero.

Our Tree!! I'm starting to get more ornaments for it so it doesn't look so bare! haha

Our sweet Betty. I know, I dote on her like a child. She's our sweet baby.

Our stockings! And yes, there is one for Betty!! The cute paw-print stocking holder is one of my Black Friday finds!!

I love getting ready for Christmas!! Mmmm I am definitely gearing up for some Turkey Day leftovers tonight! :)

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  1. Your table setting looked great! And so does the tree!!! And I love the paw print stocking holder...I need one for Miss C! :) You are a good sister/wife/daughter for doing all that hard work. You pretty much did it on your own, for all those people, and managed to take care of Bella too and clean up! You are superwoman! xo


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