Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Never Ever Have I Ever!

I know you've played that game. It inevitably ends up with someone red faced and mortified.

I typically lose... miserably.

I was thinking about this game today and a few things that I will always be able to use, because I will never and have never participated in :)

Never Ever Will I Ever:

Wear socks with sandals
Eat sushi
Enjoy basketball
Drink the water in Mexico
Like Mondays
Eat Seafood
Say “Oh my heck”
Be an unfashionable mom
Go a week without wearing heels
Ride the “Drop Zone” (I’d like to keep my feet attached, thank you!)
Like scary movies
Stop loving the beach
Pee standing up
Drink Green Tea
Not be obsessed with Vampires
Enjoy my current job
Wear a white skirt with black undies lol
Have bare legs in public without a tan
Get on an airplane without a toothbrush
Be called “graceful”, unless it’s in jest
Wear white shoes/skirt/pants/shorts before Memorial, after Labor Day
Go more than a day without some sort of chocolate
Wear stirrup pants, I don’t care how ‘fashionable’ they are
Smoke a cigarette (or anything else for that matter)
Go a day without telling my husband I love him

That’s all I can think of for now. Any fun “never’s” you can think of??


  1. Love this! May have to swipe this idea too!!! :) Fun!

    Never will I ever date THAT LOSER again!


  2. I will never hand dead animals in my house! I grew up in hunting country but will never be able to decorate that way:)


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