Friday, March 19, 2010

When One Door Closes

You know the saying, When God closes the door, he opens another... or opens a window. Well Matt got the figurative door slammed in his face last Monday!

Last summer Matt got offered a fabulous job. He quit his temp job and was all set to start. Then they called and said, we just got put on a hiring freeze. We'll call you when we can actually bring you on. This was over 7 months ago. So Matt found something else and has been working for Direct TV since. He's been miserable. They were working him to death, forcing him to work Sundays, and basically making him jump through hoops for mediocre pay. Not so fun, but it payed the bills and he could make do in the meantime.

Last Monday morning Matt went into work like usual and got called into the boss's office. Long story short, some not-very-nice person was jealous that Matt was only working 4-5 jobs a day so he could get to school, and decided to make up some lies about Matt. I swear my sweetheart has the WORST luck with jobs! The boss gave him a nasty ultimatum. 'You work 7 jobs, 7 days a week... no school, no church, no family time. OR you can resign right now, OR I'll just fire you when you don't show up. He gave him 5 minutes to decide. Hmmm... what lovely options. If you know Matt at all, you can guess what he did. "I don't need 5 minutes, here are my keys and van key... peace out!"

I'm so glad my hubby has wonderful moral charachter!! Unfortunately moral charachter doesn't pay the bills. If it did... i'd be a millionaire! :) lol So we had quite a conundrum.

In my opinion, God did more than open the door... he just made the whole dang wall fall down and said "Here you go!!" :) We have been SO BLESSED! The week before Matt had been talking with this company from last summer again. They were dicussing when they could bring him on and low and behold... he had an interview last Tuesday and HE GOT THE JOB!!! WaaaHooo!!!

I'm so proud of my stinker! :) He leaves for training Sunday night. He works so hard to provide and make a better life for us. We have been so blessed in the last few months, I just had to take a moment to express my gratitude for all of the wonderful things that have come our way.

A toast to new beginnings!!!


  1. I'd be so ticked if I would have been Matt, it's almost a form of discrimination. However, it sounds like things worked out for the best. What kind of job is it?

  2. Just noticing this post, WONDERFUL! So happy for you both :) xo


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