Tuesday, August 24, 2010

23 Weeks!

Whoops, I am so behind on blogging. We haven't been doing anything too exciting in the Alt family the past few weeks. We've spent a few weekends with friends and we finally got to relax last weekend! :) It was a miracle.
We've been doing lots to get ready for Miss Bailey to arrive. We finally registered on Saturday at Babies R Us. We'll hit up Target this weekend and finish up our want/need list. All of the baby product reviews are making my head spin!
This week I've been spending most of my time getting ready for Isabelle's second birthday. It's a ladybug theme, so I think I'll be seeing black and red for weeks to come! Lots of cute homeade decorations and fun things. :) **Anyone else notice that the homeade stuff ends up costing just as much as bought decorations- and take about 50 times more effort? Hmm....**

Miss Bailey is getting big! She's weighing around a pound and a half now, and about the size of a Harry Potter Book. :) She's moving around and kicking like crazy. It's so fun to feel , and now we can see it! I am so excited to be a mommy. I am trying to get used to all of these extra pounds and remind myself that it's all for her. I am sooo going to have to join a gym in January lol.

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  1. Aww you are beautiful and the pounds are for little miss so don't stress it.


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