Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bella Bug Is TWO!!!

I can't believe it! Was it really a year ago that we watched this princess celebrate her first birthday?!
She has gotten so big and grown up in the last year! She is talking (and babbling) up a storm! She is in nursery now and loves playing with the other kids. She is great a sharing, coloring, puzzles and loves snacktime! I love spending time with this sweet little girl.
We had so much fun celebrating her birthday! I spent hours on the decorations (all homade) and totally forgot to take pictures of all of them. I may have to steal them from Jen.
Yummmm! Funfetti & Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberry Icing.

The yummy spread.

She didn't know what on earth to do with the candles, but she figured it out!


I think she likes it!


And more PRESENTS!!!! This girl is going to be one fabulously dressed toddler!!!
I must say... I am looking forward to these hand-me-downs for Bailey!

Thanks to everyone who is a part of Miss Isabelle's life and who shared her special day with us.
Lots of love for Bella Bug!!! xo

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  1. hehehe my oh my some of these pics look familiar ;) You are free to steal the other ones off fbook. I had fun with this one. Can't wait to get to work on the shower now!!!!! xo


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