Monday, August 2, 2010

Story Time...

Just like every good story, this one starts with:

Once upon a time...

there was an ADORABLE boy. He was a bit rough around the edges. But there was something about him that made her head spin and gave her butterflies.

She's still trying to figure out what it was. :)

They met just 2 days after her 21st birthday and one week before his 24th. They have been inseperable ever since.

Before anyone knew it they were engaged.

Cute, sappy, ridiculously in love and engaged.

The day they got married was the best day of their lives (thus far). Just 2 days after her 22nd birthday, and one week before his 25th.

They honeymooned at the Beach.

And began their happily ever after.

They welcomed a darling new niece into their family, and dreamed of the day they'd have one of their own.

They Honeymooned again!!! Hello Florida!

Another fall came and went with their sweet puppy.

Life has a funny way of changing when you least expect it.
One of the biggest blessings anyone could imagine...
The crazy, sweet and wonderful boy got baptized.
Then his sweet new family got to prepare to go to the temple.

Little did they imagine that they would be having a sweet baby girl to bring with them to the temple!
Before they knew it, they were celebrating their second anniversary, preparing to be sealed in the temple... just 2 days after her 24th birthday, and one week before his 27th.
Pretty good story, eh?
I'm so happy to be celebrating another year with my fabulous hubby.
Today is his 27th birthday.
I am so blessed. He is a wonderful man and is already a wonderful Daddy.
Today is one of my favorite days of the year. It's a day to think about him.
Reflect on how much of a blessing he is in my life.
I sure do love you Matty.

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  1. I was going to ask if you were inspired by Sister Dalton's talk Sunday but you weren't there were you? I love how you did this. I am so happy for you and Matt. Yeah for Happily Ever Afters.

    Happy Birthday Matt!


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