Friday, October 15, 2010

Caught on Camera!

I know I whine about the swollen feet and chipmunk cheeks...
But then I have a moment like this and I am soooo amazingly grateful for the little girl that we are going to meet in just 9 weeks.

I was taking my 31 week pictures and you'll never believe what I caught on the camera!!

Do you see it?? (Upper left corner of the belly...)


Amazing huh?? She just happened to push/kick hard enough with that little foot the second I snapped the picture. What a miracle. There is a ton of expanding, movement, heartburn, swelling, and TONS of other lovely indicators of pregnancy. But there's nothing like the little moments when you really realize there's a tiny person that you just can't wait to meet.

I want to kiss those little toes on that tiny little foot!!!

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