Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ok... Who's Sprinking My Kid With Miracle Grow?

I swear when I'm at work Matt is sprinkling Bailey with Miracle Grow!

Who is this girl who can hold her own bottle? My baby is way too little to do that!

It's really ironic how quicly Bailey has started growing into a little person. Pregnancy goes by SO SLOW and all you can do is just wait and wait for your little baby to get here. Now all I want is for time to SLLOOOOOOOW down!!! I want to enjoy her being a baby for as long as possible.

The Bean loves her Jumparoo! :) She's still too little to reach the ground, so we have to put a pillo under her, but she loves to jump and play. She can finally reach some of the toys to her mouth- so she is happy as can be *for a little while*. She still loves to be held and played with most of the time- which is a-ok with Mommy & Daddy!

And the newest development *drum roll please*

SITTING UP! She can't do it on her own yet, she needs a boppy or something to prop her up, but can we say BIG GIRL!? Oh my gosh Mommy is not ready for this. But doesn't she look so stinking cute sitting up like that?

Poor girl was so so tired. What she really needed was to go to bed. But bedtime seems to be on her terms lately- so she was awake.

Sitting! See what I mean about Miracle Grow? My Bean isn't a helpless little blob of cuteness anymore. Instead she's a toy eating, drooling, teething, smiling, laughing ray of sunshine that is getting huge right before my eyes! (Well, at 12 pounds 'huge' is a relative term, but it feels like it!)

Nom nom nom... muching on toys!

And crash. She can sit for about 1-2 minutes- maybe, with help. So it's not long before she topples right over. This is her, "Umm... Mom, can you help me up please. The pictures are getting a bit ridiculous" Face.

I love this little booger so much it's amazing! I am loving each new stage and trying to savor all the little moments and 'firsts' I get to experience with my sweet girlie. I LOVE being a Mommy!

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