Friday, June 24, 2011

We Have A Sitter!

It's funny watching your child grow up. One moment they weigh six pounds, wear diapers the size of a playing card, and sleep 23 hours a day...

Blink your eyes and they're smiling at you, giggling, reaching for things and rolling around!

Take a deep breath and then all of the sudden:


Yeah Mom- I can sit up. Pretty awesome huh?

As we were packing for our beach trip (more on that later) I decided to set Bean on the floor and see how she did sitting without her boppy. As you can see- it was a success! I had to sit her up and she just hung out for about 10 minutes before toppling over! It really is so amazing to watch your babies do new things. Of course I ran for the camera.

Would you like to share my shoe?

No? Ok... I'll just eat it myself.
Notice the little bruise on the right side of her forehead- someone took a nose-dive off the bed.)

Since she could sit up, we decided to see how she did in a high chair at dinner:
She looked CUTE as can be- but not sure she's quite ready for that yet. We'll get there! I'm okay with her not growing up too fast!!

Mommy: Get me out!!!!

Wherever we go- Bailey is a hit. She had about 5 servers at Cracker Barrell fawning over her and telling us just how cute she is! All we can say is, "I know!" Although I do freak out a little bit when strangers touch her... ick.

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