Monday, November 29, 2010

Doctor's Office Meltdown

Today was ROUGH!!! I woke up this morning thinking "Yaaay the end is in sight!"

I went into my appointment today- fully prepared to schedule my induction (according to what the doctor I saw last Monday said). The house is ready- Matt has been going nuts doing it himself since we're expecting to be induced at 38 weeks... 2 weeks early and I am on bed rest and can't do anything. They do an Non Stress Test while I wait for my doc. He comes in and flat out refuses to schedule the induction!!! Says he doesn't see a medical need for it. Seriously?? I've been hospitalized twice, am on strict bed rest, had to do FOUR 24 hour urine tests (ew), and we've already checked to make sure our LO is fully developed. And oh yeah- I have pre-eclampsia!! Don't get me wrong- I want Miss Bailey to be healthy and bake as long as possible, BUT if we've established that she is full term and fine, why are we dragging this out??

He then tells me he can schedule an induction for the 10th, 39w1d... but it won't be with him. It will be with ANOTHER doctor that I've never seen and never even heard of. If we're freaking scheduling my baby's birth- why can't I do it with a doctor I'm comfortable with?!?! I'm bawling my eyes out at this point- he pats my leg and says "I know it's hard. I need you to do another 24 hour urine and I'll see you on Monday," and walks out of the room while I sob. Lovely.

I get to the lab to pick up my stupid jug again and the nurse is AMAZED to see me still pregnant. Comments on how she's surprised my doc hasn't induced me yet based on my lab work and of course I burst into tears again. Poor woman was handing me tissues and hugging me since I couldn't control myself. Then she has to draw blood once I can stop sobbing long enough for her to get the needle in. Of course this is the one appointment Matt hasn't been able to go to with me. :(

THEN I get to the front desk to schedule my appointment for NEXT Monday... and guess who's not in?? MY FREAKING DOCTOR. He's not in Tuesday either. His next available appointment is the 9th. If I'm scheduled for an induction on the 10th- why on earth would I come in on the 9th?! Stupid stupid stupid. So I ask if I can see any of the other 5 doctors I've seen in the past three weeks being in and out of the hospital. Nope- not a single one is available. So they schedule me with ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!! That will make seven doctors total and not a SINGLE one of them being the one I'm scheduled to be induced by.

This is absolutely freaking ridiculous. And to top it all off- once I get to the parking lot (at 4:30 and the office is now closed) I realize that he didn't even bother checking my cervix!!!! I'm 37w4d!!! How do you not check my cervix!!! It's been done at my last 4 appointments and daily in the hospital! So I could be dilated and nobody would have a freaking clue.

Sorry for the rant... I'm just seriously about to lose it. I've had an end date in sight and I feel like my little girl was just torn away from me. A little dramatic? Maybe. But bed rest will do that to you. At least take me off of bed rest and see if I'll go into labor naturally. :( I'm going to call tomorrow and beg one of the other doctors (that I've seen) to see me and give me a second opinion. If they have the same answer- that's fine... I can deal with that. But if one doctor thinks an emergency induction is necessary and one wants to keep waiting and waiting (one who hasn't bothered to see me since I've gotten pre-eclampsia) who am I supposed to believe?! Baaaaah.

I hate Mondays.


  1. I hope you don't mind me checking on your blog for details. First of all, I'm sorry! I was on bedrest for 6 weeks and I had multiple meltdowns before the babe made his debut. I guess I was more of a rebel than you are. I was on strict bedrest but I did get up off the couch every now and then just to get up! I hated laying down on my side all the freakin time. Now, they should seriously go ahead and induce you since you're full term. I guess had they not induced me at 36 weeks I probably would've had him on my own since I was 4 cm and 80 effaced. Best of luck this afternoon! Don't let those doctors get to ya. They don't know what they're talking about!

  2. Oh girl I am so sorry. :( You should switch to my doctors office the next baby you have. Even though that is at Henrico Doctors. My doctor is awesome! I hope things go better with another doctor. Plus with you having pre-eclampsia I can't believe that haven't induced you with the baby already being full term.

  3. With Makenna, one doctor scheduled me for an induction on Saturday (because she was sitting on one of my nerves and she actually killed it!), one week before she was due. I went to another doctor the very next week, and he said absolutely no induction. But I showed them all-- I had her naturally the day before the induction was schedule!!! With Max, I was scheduled for an induction on Tuesday, and had him on the Friday before (2 1/2 weeks early!). Those last few weeks are soooo hard and you just don't think you can handle it anymore. Hopefully you can get it worked out with a doctor, but if not, you will soon be seeing Miss Bailey anyway! Good luck!


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