Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Weeks

Being a first time Mommy, I get emails from 4 different websites each week telling me what our little Bean is up to. The only problem is the range of different information I get! Truthfully, I have no idea if Bean is the size of a prune, kumquat, lime, or possibly a mondo Brazil nut (whatever the heck that is).

Whatever size our Little Bean actually is I do know that he or she is busy growing and making Mommy know that they're in there. None of my pants button anymore (at 10 weeks!!) and I spend most of my mornings in my new "office". I've seriously considered bringing my computer and files and setting up a lean-to in the restroom so I can actually get some work done.

Oh the joys of pregnancy. It's a good thing babies are so darn cute. I know it will be worth it a bazillion fold. I can't wait to meet this little one!! He or she has lots more growing to do, so I'm praying baby stays put, and develops right on track! Until Thanksgiving... then I'm sure I'll be begging to meet Bean.

I feel like I'm actually starting to round out and my belly seems to be pushing up behind my belly button now. Before it sat below and looked funny (to me). I caved and bought maternity pants, and I tell you... I may never wear regular pants again!! Cute pants with elastic waistbands?! Why aren't all pants made like this!? I will certainly be saving them for all occasions involving big meals. No more unbuttoning after too many pieces of homemade apple pie! :) Mmm pie! I think I am going to hunt myself down a piece, and shop online for more maternity pants! (All productivity has gone completely out the window, along with my attention span, lol.)


  1. Hope Bean stops acting up soon so you'll feel better :) Love you!!! xo

  2. aww i love little bean already!! kisses!!


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