Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Strongly Dislike...

Emergency Rooms

They smell bad.
They are crowded.
They take FOREVER.

Not my favorite place in the world. Not to mention, any time you're in an emergency room... it's usually not for a good reason.

Monday was quite an adventure.

I got a phone call from Matt, "I might be going to the hospital." I proceed to freak out COMPLETELY. He has hurt his knee and EMT's are on their way. He'll call me when he knows what they need to do. No, don't leave work. I hyperventilate for a few minutes, then he calls back, the ambulance is taking him to the hospital. ($$ca-ching!$$)

I got there a little before 4pm, the guaranteed "30-minute wait time" tripled. Then we finally go to go back to a room, or so we thought. Actually Matt got assigned to "Hall Bed A". Not comfortable. More waiting, they come get all of his information. They do x-rays. 3 hours and counting... no pain medication. At least I got to be there to hold his hand when they straitened out his knee. Luckily I still have all of my fingers in tact. The doctor was pleasant, but his exact words were, "I can't really diagnose an injury like this in an emergency room." So they put him in a nifty knee immobilizer, gave him a lovely prescription for Darvocet and sent him packing with a referral to a bone and cartilage specialist. It was after 9 when we finally got home. Poor guy.

Matt had a follow up with the specialist yesterday. No surgery!! YAY! He has some torn cartilage, but it should heal on it's own. As long as he takes anti-inflammatory meds, it should heal within a few weeks and hopefully he can go back to work June 1st.

I wish I'd taken a picture of my sweetheart in "Hall Bed A" so we could have documented the adventure. Although it's an experience I'm sure both of us would soon forget. I have to say, through all the pain he was amazing. Barely complained, and didn't punch the nurse when they had to move his leg. Most impressive.

And the worst part!? 5 hours+ in an emergency room, and nobody would let me hear Bean's heartbeat. Meanies.

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  1. They didnt let you hear it?? RUDE!!! Sorry about this adventure, hopefully in a few years we'll look back on it and laugh...just maybe! Lots of well wishes for Matt. xo


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