Monday, May 31, 2010

And It Begins!

I am officially in maternity pants, at 11 and a half weeks! It was bound to happen sometime, right? Bean is still fairly small (about the size of a plum!) but I am definitely starting to show (to me- I'm sure I'll look back in 28 more weeks and laugh at that statement). I love having a belly, and knowing that there is a little baby in there! I got two pairs of bermuda shorts at Old Navy for $15 a pair, and they're super cute. I've been pretty disappointed with maternity clothes in general, Kohls has nothing and Motherhood is uber expensive. Thank goodness for good ol' Old Navy!

I had my monthly doctor's appointment on Friday. It went great! The heartbeat was 162! We only got to listen to it for a second, but it was absolutely amazing!!! Such a cool thing. I can't wait until I'm a little farther along, then I'm going to order a doppler so I can hear Bean's heartbeat every day. According to an old wive's tale, girls hearts beat faster than boys, and anything over 140 is in the "girl range". We'll just have to see!! :) We have an appointment for our "Anatomy Ultrasound" on July 26th, our SECOND ANNIVERSARY!!! What a blessing that we can do it that day, I can't wait... and I am SOO DARN EXCITED to find out if our little Bean is a boy or a girl... and then, let the shopping begin!!!

I'm finally starting to get past the morning sickness, and am so ready for the "honeymoon trimester" to start. I could use the energy!! All in all, the pregnancy is going great and I am finally starting to enjoy being pregnant, wahoo! :)

It's so fun to document the pregnancy in photos, so here's 11 weeks! :)

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