Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why A Man Needs A Woman...

Life is crazy.

Sometimes you are turned upside down on your head without a moment’s notice.

Welcome to the Alt Family.

This last week or so has been CRAZY. Absolutely insane. A bazillion things have happened. Yet somehow, someone has to keep it together and make sure the family keeps on going.

I’ve heard that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. I COMPLETELY disagree. I need my man. I need him like I need air. Like a fish needs water! But it turns out that he needs me too.

Why does a man need a woman?

- To hold everyone together when you feel like everything is falling apart.
- To talk to someone when you feel like you’ve exhausted every way of explaining yourself and the person just isn’t getting it. Let them deal with me. They’ll get it.
- To bounce back and forth between two insurance companies and four doctor’s offices to get the answers we need, when you feel like flinging the phone across the room after talking to two people.
- To make sure that he doesn’t walk out of the house in shorts, dress shoes, and knee high dress socks.
- To make a yummy dinner on a small budget.
- To snuggle with when everything comes crashing down.
- To say, “You’re amazing” when you don’t feel like it.
- To be good to him, when it feels like the whole world has taken a poo on his shoulders.
- To carry his child.
- To be encouraging.
- To lift and support.
- To help heal.
- To have someone to vent to when nobody else will listen.
- To have someone to TAKE CARE OF.
- To just love.
- To make sure the sheets on the bed actually get changed every now and then.
- To make sure there’s coke in the pantry and milk in the fridge.
- To have someone you can count on for a smile when you feel like you’re going to explode.
- To clean you up and put you to bed when you’re sick or have just had surgery.
- To just hold your hand when things are overwhelming and you won’t admit it.
- To do the sweet little things- like hiding your favorite candy from the kids on Halloween so all of your favorites are what’s leftover.
- To force you to enjoy the holidays, even when you feel like a Scrooge-Grinch love child.
- To be your family.

I need my husband, and sometimes it's nice to know that he needs me too. We work pretty darn well together and I would certainly be completely lost without him.

Even when things feel hard, or darn near impossible- at least we have each other.

Ok- sappiness over.


  1. Aww so sweet! I feel the same way. I need Chris and he needs me. :)


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