Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prego Update

I suppose it's time for a pregnancy update! I am 26 weeks pregnant! Gosh it feels like the time is just flying by. Only 14 weeks left (max!) until we meet our sweet baby girl. I think we may have settled on a name, but we're keeping it a surprise! We thought it would be more fun that way. Plus we won't have to hear junk from people who don't like it. Who cares? It's not their name is it? I digress...

So far this pregnancy has been similar to Bailey's, but different at the same time. I have definitely gotten bigger much quicker! The morning sickness was the same, and lasted about he same amount of time. My body in general is hurting a bit more this go round, and I'm having some sciatic nerve pain- which I never experienced with Bailey. But, since I just went through pregnancy not too long ago (the girls will be 18 months apart, Bailey was 9 months old when I got pregnant with Sprout), my body remembers what it's doing all too well and is falling back into rhythm 'beautifully'.

And in photos:

23w4d (I had to take a picture because she was sitting so silly!)


24 Weeks with Bailey :)


Alright guys... time for a HUGE pat on the back!!! I'm officially caught up!!!


  1. We loved keeping Paris a secret! And the sciatic pain is extremely common with your second pregnancy. Just take Tylenol but it doesn't help much. Chiropractor worked wonders for me and an occasional pregnancy massage! I cannot believe you are so far along this quick!!! It has gone by so fast.

  2. i LOVE a cute baby belly. and yours? well, it's delightfuly cute!!!


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