Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Usual Adventures...

Apparently moving the coffee table did not cure the climbing problem in our house. It just gave Bailey a new challenge!!


Yes that is Bailey climbing on top of the speaker. **Insert Heart Attack**

(And yes, that is also Jersey Shore on in the background- courtesy of MATT!!!! He finds it hilarious. I find him watching it hilarious, so it works.)

The end of February into the first week of March Matt was working on the other side of town, so he stayed with his parents. 5 minute drive or 50 minute drive + tolls. It made sense! While he was gone Betty decided to let her true colors show.

She knocked down the gate into the kitchen, spread trash everywhere, ate a dozen chocolate chip cookies AND an entire box of Bailey's washable crayons. I was too crazed to take a picture of the destruction... so you'll just have to take my word for it. Two days later apparently the crayons didn't agree with her. I took her out, and then left with Bailey for StoryTime. I came back to a house full of pee and rainbow colored dog turds. Joy.

Needless to say- we got a CRATE the next day. For a few days it just stayed in the living room since it was a bit heavy for me to be moving around. Apparently Bailey and Isabelle thought it was the coolest place to play!


The night Matt was supposed to come home- he got hurt at work. He was trying to push something and popped a double hernia! The ER doctor was a moron, so we had to set up a second opinion and he was put out of work until he could have surgery to repair it. On the down side- he wasn't working and was in pain. On the up side, he's covered by worker's comp! So he's at home with us, and getting paid! So we went out on a lunch date for Chinese. Bailey wasn't a fan of the food... but seemed to enjoy being out with Mommy and Daddy on a week day!



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