Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Busy Yet Uneventful.

No it's not an oxymoron. It is very possible to be busy yet not have anything eventful happen. That's how the last week or so has been for our little family.

Tuesday: Work & Yankee
Wednesday: Work & date night = mexican take-out and cleared off the DVR
Thursday: Work & Yankee
Friday: Work, dinner at Giovanni's, a little TV
Saturday: me- Driving School (boring yet necessary) matt- hung out with his dad, had the missionaries over for dinner.
Sunday: Church, nap, Matt got his car fixed
Monday: I had to work, Matt slept all day.
Tuesday: me- Doctor's appointment, then work & Yankee, matt- work.

Whew... what a week!! Lol. Busy yes, but not super exciting. We've got some fun plans for the weekend, so hopefully I'll have something to post about. For now... I will continue to work. How thrilling.

1 comment:

  1. Well I think your life is PLENTY exciting and eventful! LOVE the new blog, my fav colors!! :) xo

    See you tomorrow!!!!!!!


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