Thursday, January 21, 2010

Creative Bug

About once a month or so I get bitten by the creative bug. I see a neat project or a blog like this one. And decide that I am the next Martha Stewart. So I bought all of the fun supplies and made these!
I LOVE photographers like this, and thought it would be fun to make these headbands for my little sisters Caroline & Jillian. I get to go see them this weekend!

Jen and I had girls night last night! Originally we were planning on going to Bar Louie. But the combination of rain, cold, pms and sheer laziness (and me not drinking anymore) led us to stay in. So we plopped down on the couch, ate chinese food (YUM!), watched tv and Jen "helped" me with the project du jour.

If something is hot (like a glue gun) it is inevitable that I will burn myself.
Jen & Coco "helping"
ie: eating popsicles and goofing off :)
Another result of Jen's "helping".

And again...

Finally got the flower part made. See, they go on your head!
Can't beat an adorable baby headband right?

And since we're cool like that... we had to try them on ourselves.

I have about 50 more project ideas I want to work on. When I'm supposed to find time with 2 jobs, a hubby and a dog is beyond me. But maybe a project a week would be possible. I gotta do something to keep from going crazy. If only I enjoyed going to the gym as much as doing cute things for the house or friends. :) Oh well, you can't have everything!


  1. Love it!:) And you know you love me helping!

  2. I love the craftiness. I'm not crafty so I like to see what other people are capable of doing. These were so cute.

    p.s. I found your blog when you made a comment on my friend Jessica's blog where you came out of the "blog stalking closet" and I thought I would check out your blog.


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