Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stalkers Unite!

I LOVE blogging! Thus I love to read other people's blogs. Sometimes I know them well, sometimes I haven't seen them in oh 5 years or so, sometimes I've met them once or it's a friend of a friend. It's wonderful to be able to check in with people and see how they're doing. Especially as I feel my life is fabulously boring.

Today I was inspired by a fellow blog-stalker's post. If you read this blog, let me know! If I know you or don't... it doesn't matter! Leave a comment, I'd love to find out who's interested. It might give me another blog to stalk as well! Keep in mind my poor blog is currently in a "Construction Phase" and will be updated shortly. I may even be stalking you and you don't know it...

Let's find out!


  1. Your life is certainly fabulous, but NOT boring! I LOVE your blogs, and stalking your friend's blogs as well hehe :)

  2. i read your blog....i try to comment...return the favor you slacker! :) j/k you know i love you!


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