Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009- A Year In Review

January 2009:

-My new years resolution was to start walking 3 miles a day at lunch... thus: shin splints!
-Matt got laid off.
-American Idol addiction.
-Hubby & I drove all the way to Charlottesville (45 minutes) for bagels.
-6 month anniversary.

February 2009:

-Enjoyed 70 degree weather in VA Beach with Derek & Katy.
-Our 1st married (and broke!) Valentines Day = homemade fondue, yumm.
-Got my tattoo finished.
-Matt went back to college.

March 2009:

-Saw the aftermath of what happens when a dog eats an entire jar of peanut butter.
-Twilight on DVD, enough said.

April 2009:

-Exceeded 12 pound weight loss goal!
-General Conference.
-Super fun girls nights with Jen.
-Fell in 'like' with Adam Lambert.
-Almost 'died' on the 3 day diet haha.
-Betty's 4th Birthday.

May 2009:

-Found a snake in our apartment on Mother's Day.
-Pinched a nerve in my foot and had to use crutches.
-Got to see JENNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Adam Lambert lost American Idol. I actually cried.
-Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival.

June 2009:
-Met my birth father.
-Took a cake decorating class.
-Our TV exploded, so we got a new one! (42" flat panel)
-I found this quote:
"A little known fact… The first testicular guard “cup” was used in Hockey in 1874, and the first helmet was used in 1974. It took 100 years for men to realize that the brain is also important…"
-Michael Jackson died, and I cried.
-Played hookie and went to the beach... wonderful decision!

July 2009:
-Baby shower for Risa & Jeremy on the 4th.
-Brooke's Bachelorette Party
-Harry Potter 6 Midnight Premier
-I cut all my hair off, Aline!
-23rd Birthday
-1st Anniversary (Strawberry Street Cafe & cake!)

August 2009:
-Matt's 26th Birthday.
-Isabelle's 1st Birthday.
-Some kid pulled the fire alarm in our building at 2am.
-We got approved for a new apartment.

September 2009:

-An entire day of outlet shopping all to myself!
-Started blogging.
-Bears beat Steelers!!
-Car Accident.
-I beat Matt at Scrabble, it was a miracle!
-State Fair.
-Egyptian Cotton Sheets=heaven.
-More packing.
-Back to church for me.

October 2009:

-New obsession... GLEE!!!
-More packing.
-Court date for accident.
-Halloween "party".
-Started my part time job at Yankee Candle.

November 2009:

-Republicans sweeped VA's elections!
-Made homemade apple pie.
-Christmas Decorations.
-Black Friday.
-Christmas PhotoShoot
-New baby sister was born! (Jillian Danielle Barquin 11/30)

December 2009:

-Car broke down.
-Matt's first Temple Trip.
-Got glass stuck in my finger and had to go to the ER.
-Amy's baby shower.

Whew... what a year!!!! I can't believe it's gone by so quickly. So many wonderful (and not so wonderful...) things happened this past year. Hooray for 2010 and all of the great things to come. Thank you to all of our friends and families that made 2009 one to remember.

Love, E

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